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Ideas, requests

  • basic skills - what every player needs to know - index, quick reference, why these
  • server settings, mods for educational gaming - controlling the setup and environment behaviors is important to direct learning

Educators guide

  • how to get started
  • what kids know
  • have the kids do the work
  • more advance activities

If you understand the basic ideas of Minecraft and have students who play Minecraft, you can facilitate some interesting learning experiences. Activities will depend on the Minecraft play environment - what is available, what can be customized (mods, settings).

  • classroom computer - basic setup
  • school computer lab
  • student computer - personal, school-issued
  • school server

Basic skills

  • little wall building demo, with the 3 main ways of quickly building (run back, jump and build, 2 layer quick click)

Learning activities

  • English / language arts
  • Spanish
  • History
  • Math
  • Science
  • Technology - Redstone, MC Servers, Mods, programming

Education environment, maps

  • turn off PvP (stops them from spending the first hour punching each other) [1]
  • find a good server mod for locking chests. We were using hey0 & chastity chest, but I haven't had a chance to find a Bukkit equivalent yet [2]
  • add more structure next time. This workshop we added a map with a semi-destroyed village, and asked participants to rebuild it - with varying success. Encouraging the use of materials other than dirt and cobblestone proved to be difficult! [3]
  • change to the core game to make it more suitable for the classroom. Chief among these was making students invulnerable to damage while playing, so that they couldn't die in the game. [4]

Teaching and learning

  • away from the game, .. explains the goals for the day. Then they go to work, often in pre-built worlds created by Levin which feature specific tasks to accomplish or puzzles to solve. But they always need to work together. [5]
  • different preset activities. Or you can go off and create your own content. That alone gives me a ton of freedom to invent content for the kids to engage in. I don't let them just play the game however they want. They must follow a path I lay out for them, which allows me to carry out lesson plans. [6]


  • group work, collaboration - task groups of two or three students to build a structure with limited resources
  • math, technical drawing - 3x3x3 space [7]
  • investigate a mysterious pyramid, figuring out how to get inside while at the same time not disturbing the various treasures it contained. Some of the groups ended up building museums to house the contents of the pyramid.
  • language learning - working together on building project [8]
  • history, geography - student-built sustainable village [9]

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