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I am an aster. I'm so very cool and blossom well in cold climes. I thrive on water and gentle sunshine and my aim in life is to spread happiness where ever i go. That's me.

myths add a new dimension to life; self delusion leads one to freedom which only the perpetrator of the act can enjoy, it is a fallacy for the rest.

oer workshop TSRS


Sunday Workshop

Interesting workshop on Shared Learning.

Shared Learning

  • We were taught how to put up articles on Wikieducator on a common shared basis.
  • WE were told that teaching would become more interactive.
  1. Delhi
  2. Bombay
  3. Calcutta

oer workshop TSRS

This workshop is being conducted by Dr Neeti MisraDr Neeti Misra. She is teaching at Alliance Francaise[1]

I am linking to Ms Vineeta Sharat[User:Vineeta sharat]. She teaches at GD Goenka World School[



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oer workshop TSRS

Revolt of 1857