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The Revolt of 1857revolt of 1857 is at times referred to as the First Great War of Independence. It shook the foundations of The East India Company and made the British Parliament come up with changes which they felt would for the time being assuage the anger of the people.

Historians are of the opinion that there are several reasons for the outbreak of this rebellion. They are:

  • Political causes
  • Economic Causes
  • Social and Cultural Causes
  • Religious Causes.

Most historians of course hold that the greased cartridge incident was the main trigger that sparked off the Revolt and if they won support from the people it was because of all the above causes listed above.Stories of Mangal PandeyMangal Pandey refusing to bow down to the wishes of the British fired the imagination of the people and the revolt that was started by Mangal Pandey was taken up by the sepoys stationed in different parts of Central and North India.

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