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Employer:Wawasan Open University
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Today is: 20 April 2024

I come from Batu Maung, Penang, Malaysia. Batu Maung is a rather remote albeit fast developing area in Penang. Yet, by the islanders’ standards, Batu Maung is ‘oh-so-far’ [approximately 30 mins. by car!].

What excites me about my community is that we are very versatile, being multicultural for a couple generations. The critical need of our community right now is to be confident with our level of knowledge. We should hone our knowledge and allow it to go through a rigorous academic process and then share it with the international community.

My name Vickeey and I enjoy teaching. I discovered this by surprise when ‘forced’ to teach a class of 13 – 14 year olds for a year. While I was teaching them (Maths and English) I realized what was difficult during school days seemed easy and do-able when I was teaching. This led me to my current passion, learning and/or study skills – that is, learning to learn!

My technical/computer skills are self-learnt, mostly by trial and error. These skills were enhanced as I started teaching in the ODL (Open Distance Learning) mode. However, I am still learning new things everyday and never cease to be amazed with the wealth of information available on the net.


I am currently the Course Coordinator for Learning Skills for University Studies at the Wawasan Open University. I am also the Programme Coordinator for the Headstart Programme, which is a bridging programme for pre-university studies. Here, I manage the English and Study Skills courses.