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Contact-new.svg Maudelin Veronica Sweeney
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Employer:Tower Hamlets African and Caribbean Organisation
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I was christened Maudelin Veronica Sweeney but go by the name of Maud. I currently live in Tower Hamlets, East London.

I currently am a member of THACMHO(Tower Hamlets African and Caribbean Organisation) which is user run and user led group catering for people who have experienced mental health issues ranging from depression to schizophrenia.

i have got as far as Wikieducator_tutorial/What_is_a_wiki/Advantages_and_disadvantages

Current Course

I have been with THACMHO for about 3 years now and have met some very nice people. We talk to each other when we are feeling a bit low and this helps us to keep out of hospital.


This comprises of 4 components: levels one, two, three and four

Level 4 requires using the bold and italic editing modes therefore I have put THACMHO in bold and italics is italicize

My to do list for this week is to:

  • go to sainsbury's and
  • go to tesco's for
    • chicken and
    • lamb

My to do list for this week is to:

  1. go to sainsbury's and
  2. go to tesco's for
    1. chicken and
    2. lamb

wiki concept

  1. wiki means quick and is a Hawaiian word
  2. it is the largest and most talked about wiki on the internet and called wikipedia
  3. there are 10 million articles and 250 languages