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Welcome to my Wikieducator Website. All information on my class courses along with assignments are available on this site. Please feel free to access the information

[Kevin G. Tucker Lecturer: University of Belize Doctoral Student Nova Southeastern Subject Areas: Writing, Social Sciences,Leadership Born: Belize City, Belize

'Through learning we re-create ourselves. Through learning we become able to do something we were never able to do.'

Peter Senge

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College English (ENGL 111)

College English ENGL 112

Introduction to Colonial Latin American History HIST 231

MesoAmerica: [1]

Hist 231 Introduction to Colonial Latin America Course Outline: ==

Social Studies for Primary Teachers Sost 304


*Course Outline [[

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At the end of this lesson students will be able to:
  • insert Graphics within a word document in the form of graphic links
  • create basic text hyperlinks within a document

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Below are the definitions of unfamiliar words:

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Below are the definitions of unfamiliar words:


           [Expository Strategies] Descriptive Strategies
           *Narrative Strategies
           *Argumentative Strategies


On-line Vocabulary Tests


[on-line Vocabulary Test Unit #1]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 2]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 3]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 4]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 4]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 5]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 6]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 7]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 8]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 9]

[Vocabulary Test Unit 10]

On-line Grammar Tests

[Grammar Tests]


   [[ MLA/APA Research Documentation


Graphic organizers

Reader's Club'

            E.M. Forester- [The Machine Stops]
            James Baldwin - [Sonny's Blues]
             Judy Syfer -  Why I Want a Wife
             Shirley Jackson- The Lottery
             Siyong Lin-[Battle of Rosendawn-]
            Link to other on-line novels-[[2]]

Composing Process (ENGL 299)

Course Outline

Portfolio Assessment



  1. sub page
  2. lions
  3. /tigers/tigers

Social Studies


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