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Hello there and how are you keeping? My name is Taolo Tsimanyane. I was born in Kanye in Botswana.

Professional Background

I have trained as a Secondary School teacher of Design and Technology. I taught for 11 years before I quit teaching.


In December 2004 I joined the Ministry of Communications Science & Technology; Department of Information Services as a photographer for the Botswana government newspaper, the Daily News.

I re-joined the Ministry of Education and Skills Development in October 2007 but this time around as the Principal Education Officer - Educational Media. I work at the Mochudi Media Centre in the Kgatleng District. I am tasked with the responsibility of working with schools in Botswana to produce audio visual learning aids for use in the classroom across all subjects in both primary and secondary schools.

I find the job very interesting. Though I do not really have a professional training in media studies and educational material production, I would like to pursue some form of training in Communication and Media Studies. I have decided that I want the rest of my life to revolve around multi-media area. The reason being that it is not only personally fulfilling but also income generating if used wisely.

Pending full time studying of the said subject at a later time, I would like to find some on-line post-graduate or Master's degree course in Communication and Media Studies.

I love cameras, both photography and video. I enjoy photographing my family and natutre.

3. Hobbies

I used to do ballroom dancing, but I still love watching ballroom dancers doing it and from time to time I do a bit of social dancing.I also like reading romance novels, current affairs and editing video for all occassions though I mostly cover weddings.

Video Camera Tutorial

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