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Contact-new.svg Tushar Kanti Saha
Employer:National University of Lesotho
Other roles:Member, Senate(NUL)/Member,Legal Sub-Committee,Lesotho Football Association(An affiliate of FIFA)
Today is: 29, September 2022
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I am Prof.Tushar Kanti Saha, an Indian jurist known in the continent of Africa and the world at large for my contribution in jurisprudence and educating law students around the world with experience and expertise gained from three continents.I am currently based at National University of Lesotho in Southern Africa.I have written 5 (five ) books viz.Democracy in Danger, Administrative Law, Law of Tort and Consumer Justice, Legal Methods, Legal Systems and Research, and Constitution of Lesotho-A Text of Comparative Research Study.


I have tertiary education in Economics and professionally equipped with qualifications in law having been called to the Bar of England in 1979 and hold Ph.D in Law from the University of Calcutta.


I have taught in 5 Universities/Institutes in India and 4 Universities in Africa during last 23 years.


Life & Time

Fascinated by God 's creation, creativity and creatures

Born in 1948 as reported in certification.

I wanted to explore the entire planet in one life, if possible.So, the journey started by God's will that I am on perpetual migratory mode ever since my childhood days, crossing the border in search of freedom just after my school leaving examination and I landed in India in 1964 acting as a self guardian and guardian to younger siblings in the absence of my parents who still then remained behind.

My Early Days

My village Dhuldia was a well developed rural landscape connected by a railway station,school,post office and markets serviced by a natural streams of river by the name Singha meaning lion which was fed by rainwater distilled by nature with crystal clear droplets so that when you have a dip, your entire body is shown transparent.

My Primer

My village school master Late Upendra Paul who taught my parents was also a sculptor.He was a such an inspiring teacher that he literary hit your sense of ego to accept his challenge that you too can do it so that you do not die doing the same thing as your foreparents used to do.Otherwise, you are supposed to be creative.

Sweet, Bitter and Sour

Workshop Expectations

  • Capacity to use wiki-educator profitably in the interest of learning and teaching
  • Open up to world of enormous possibility
  • Competency to develop communicative skills and sharing information to update in the world of constancy of change
  • Enable to keep in touch with virtual world

Future Plans

Give a slice of share to all informed and uninformed and ill-informed mass of millions to access the virtual world of knowledge.The dividends reaped will be distributed irrespective of any contribution to the paid-up capital of this digital venture and inundate the young impressionable mind with the explosive mine of information and ideas that enrich our intellectual domain.

My ideas will be drained through this channel for the benefit of the new generation of budding learners and educators in different exciting fields not limited by their narrow confine of their formal learning or schooling. I propose to open the floodgate of legal knowledge as exposed in my literature published or unpublished.My forthcoming book will eventually find space in this forum.

National University of Lesotho, Roma 180,Lesotho +266-22213682

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