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Employer:Faculty of Education, University of Calgary
Occupation:Associate Professor - Educational Technology
Nationality:Canadian / United States Citizenships
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Technology & Society (EDER 679.05)

Cell Phones Chilean Festival

EDER 679.05 invites students to engage in a critical analysis of current as well as historical technologies used for communication, learning, socialization, and work. It explores the ways in which we use tools and the impact they have on our daily routines, social interactions, political systems, economic structures and beliefs.

A: Learning Outcomes

Students will consider the impact of technology on society and the unintended consequences (both positive and negative) of that impact. Specifically, this course explores:

  • Technology as a product of society
  • Technology as an enabler
  • Roles and responsibilities of technology use - "Just because you can, should you?"

B: Assignment Activities

  • Participation in class discussions
  • Contributions to course WIKI content
  • Group presentation - Students are required to select one topic area, for a group, research the unintended consequences (both positive and negative) of the topic and present their findings to the class. Students are encouraged to share their presentations asynchronous, using multimedia software.
  • Final project - ten page paper (APA format)or multimedia presentation (e.g. video, 2nd Life, power point show, podcast, etc.)
  • Feedback on classmates' project

C: References / Support Links for Course Development

Human Technology
Scrapping Internet
Review of Franklin's Real World of Technology some 14 years later ...
Tech Trends for Next 5 Years

D: MODULES - By Topic and Activities

Course Modules by Week and Topic

E: Evaluation

Tasks to be Completed

My sandbox