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Today is: 25, September 2022

My Biographical Details

My name is Subira Neema.I come from Nairobi, Kenya. I work as a curriculum developer at the Kenya Institute of Education. I am a linguist specializing in German as a foreign Language having successfully completed my studies in BED-Arts and M.A- Arts. I have taken part in various workshops in Germany on the teaching of German as a foreign Language. In addition to these, I have had several opportunities to attend various language courses in Kenya and in Germany.I joined the Institute after many years of working as a teacher of German and English.

Year Educational qualifications
1997 K.C.P.E
2001 K.C.S.E
2005 Bachelor of commerce
2007 Masters of Art

My Interests

I am an outdoor person and as such, I am interested in outdoor activities that involve sport such as jogging and mountain climbing. As a linguist reading and creative writing have been my passion. Getting to know others and cultural exchange programmes have enriched my knowledge of others and how I relate with them, especially those from outside the Kenyan borders.


My Work

My work at the K.I.E involves development of:

  1. curricula
  2. curricula support materials; both print and non-print

These are materials for the foreign languages offered in kenyan schools and colleges. These encompass Arabic, German and French. A specialist in each of these areas is directly responsible for the individual subjects mentioned. media:Example.pdf

Teaching Experience

I have worked in the following institutions:

I also worked at at the Kenyatta University as a lecturer in the following deparments:

  • The Foreign Languages' Department
  • The Educational communication and Technology Department.