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Contact-new.svg Dr. Subhash Kumar
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Employer:Acharya Narendra Dev College,New Delhi (University of Delhi)
Other roles:A FOSS enthusiast, a volunteer for SPICMACAY
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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Profile: Subhash Kumar

I am an Assistant Professor in Physics. I have been teaching Physics at the Department of Physics, Acharya Narendra Dev College, for the last 10 years. I am also researching at the Department of Physics and Astrophysics,University of Delhi. I did my schooling at my native place Gaya, in Bihar. I passed by class 10th Examination from Nazareth Academy, Gaya while I finished my Class 12th from Kendriya Vidyalaya No.2 ASC centre (North), Gaya.


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  1. FOSS
  2. UV Detectors


  1. Theoretical Physics in the area of Plasma Physics applied to astrophysical systems and space science.
  2. Currently Co-investigator in "CO2 Gas Sensing - an ICT based investigation for pollution control" sponsored by University of Delhi under the scheme of DU-innovation projects.

My Publications

Research Publications

International Journals

  1. Magnetohydrodynamic waves in the presence of relative motion between two populations of a plasma system Subhash Kumar and Harinder P. Singh, Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 17, 092104 (2010)
  2. Effect of He++ ions on the propagation of low frequency magnetohydrodynamic waves in the magnetosheath,G. L. Kalra and S. Kumar, Journal of Geophysical Research-Space Physics, 111, A11126, (2006).
  3. Propagation of Hydromagnetic waves in a two-population plasma system consisting of anisotropic relativistic and non-relativistic polytropic fluid,S. Kumar and G. L. Kalra, Physics of Plasmas, Vol. 12(8), pg. 082111, (2005).
  4. Linear waves in an imperfect anisotropic fluid in relativistic formalism, S. K. Singh and S. Kumar, Space-time & Substance- International Physical Journal, 3 (28), 128, (2005).
  5. Linear waves in an imperfect anisotropic fluid in relativistic formalism, S. K. Singh and S. Kumar,(2005). arXiv-physics/0407034.

International Conference Proceedings

  1. Effect of dust charge fluctuations on excitation of upper-hybrid waves by a gyrating relativistic electron beam in a magnetized plasma cylinder, S. Kumar and S. C. Sharma, Proceedings of International Congress on Plasma Physics (ICPP-2000-Quebec City, Canada), pg. 332.

National Symposium

  1. "MHD waves and instabilities in an Anisotropic Plasma Medium consisting of ultrarelativistic and nonrelativistic components in relative motion" Subhash Kumar and Harinder P. Singh, 26th National Symposium on Plasma Science and Technology, December 20-23, 2011, Birla Institute Of Technology - Patna, Bihar, India. Poster-Plasma 2011.
  2. "Magnetohydrodynamic waves in a two population plasma consisting of anisotropic and isotropic fluid components in relative motion" S. Kumar and G. L. Kalra, Proceedings of the 25th meeting of Astronomical Society of India - 2007, pg. 43, (2008).
  3. “Propagation of Hydromagnetic waves in a two-population plasma system one of which is anisotropic relativistic and the other non-relativistic polytropic fluid” S. Kumar and G. L. Kalra, Proceedings of XII National Space Science Symposium –2004, Kottayam, Kerela, India.

My Links

  1. Nazareth Old Students' Association
  2. Plasma Science Society of India
  4. Department of Physics, A. N. D. College
  5. Web Physics
  6. ADS Abstract Service


My Session at WikiEd09 at A N D College. This will be further improved.LATEX Tutorials

My Session at The Shri Ram School. This will be further improved.\LATEX Tutorials_VV

Facilitator of L4C 64 workshop at Uttrakhand Open University, Haldwani, Uttrakhand, India /Learning4Content/Workshops/Face-to-Face_schedule/L4C64 List of Participants_UOU

Practice Area

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