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My sandbox

My name is Angela Liburd and as a committment to education and lifelong learning I strongly believe in the process of assimilating knowledge to be a valuable component of growth and development both at work and professionally.

At the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College in Basseterre, St Kitts the vision of the Health Sciences division is the premier producer of highly competent and quality providers of healthcare in the Caribbean region.
As a midwife whose professional role includes being an advocate for expectant families, assisting women with Sources that enhance relaxation is important.

Living in St Kitts & Nevis

Beautiful sunshine - beautiful people; living on a stunning island with almost daily sunshine makes work more pleasurable and living more amenable, there's no room for discontentment.
Learning in a relaxed environment where you have the opportunity to utilize widely used knowledge skills and incorporate basic available technology to produce graduates with vision and purpose is a welcome challenge.
A wide range of relaxation modes and other caribbean islands to visit.

I work in an environment that is conducive to learning, and witness a phenomenal creation. It is still as refreshing an experience as it was over twenty years ago when I first embarked on my midwifery journey! Engaging with students is invigorating and opportunities are created to enhance interaction, it is refreshing to see the interchange between the peers themselves and between their clinical facilitators/ work colleagues. Respect is ultimately upheld, but there is always fun and good banter (difficult not to join in!!)

Interactive topics

To live a healthy and productive life varied activities and practices are recommended.

At the workshop, hard at work