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watch this space... Today is Monday 23rd March and the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College is holding an on-line course workshop hosted by Wikipedia

Maternal & Child Health

Course Requirements
  • 5 CXC passess including Engish and Maths
  • 18 - 35 years of age
  • Good health status
Course Content
  1. Understanding the role of the nurse when caring for the Expectant family
    1. Case history of an expectant family will involve following them through the duration of the pregnancy
  2. Physiological process of pregnancy & childbirth
    1. Review of female & male reproductive system
    2. Hormonal changes involved

when accessing information regarding the course please visit [1] visit the college

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Hard at work


  • International Journal of Midwifery
  • March of Dimes

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to create a health promotion brochure regarding nutrition in pregnancy go to:

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The course will be assessed

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material for the course will include:
  1. Mayes Midwifery
  2. Maternal & Child Health