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My Career

I am employed with NALISbut I am based at a school [1]in Corinth Village via San Fernando. I am the Librarian at the almost extinct Corinth Sixth Form College. The Corinth Sixth Form College Library is shared with the University of Trinidad and Tobago-Corinth Campus. I am the first and last Librarian to ever be there. As my first acting position an Librarian I, I have had an enjoyable and unusual experience at this college. It's not everyday that a school closes but if ever a school library needs to be closed, here's some advice:

  • Ensure that all your inventory (books, furniture, equipment, tattle tape, toners, copy cards and stationery) are identified by their source as they will need to be returned to their origins.
  • Titles of all books must be typed according to their sources on separate lists.
  • As the senior member in the library relate to junior staff relevant and valid information that will help dispense any unnecessary fears.
  • Continuous liason with Principal, Clerk and Supervisors on the matter will assist in all other actions that must be taken to ensure a relatively smooth closure.
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Occupation:Librarian I Ag
Country:Trinidad and Tobago
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Roles and Responsibilities

Role of Librarian

  1. To ensure that the library is functioning in the capacity of NALIS's Mission and Vision.
  2. To assist in Queries
    • Reference queries
    • Quick References
  3. To supervise
    • Students
    • Junior Staff
  4. To liase with the Principal, Vice Principal, Teaching and Non-Teaching staff, Security ensure that the library operates at maximun capacity and effectiveness.

Workshops Attended

  1. Wiki Workshop with NOSTT.
  2. Supervisory.
  3. JAWS for the Visually Impaired.
  4. The reading/writing connection.

Libraries Worked

  • Carnegie Free Library
  • La Brea Public Library
  • Debe High School
  • Debe Public Library
  • Corinth Teachers' College
  • Corinth Sixth Form College

My Readings
my Library
My Sample Lesson Plan