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My Career

I am employed with NALISbut I have been based in a school [1]for over the past three years. I am the Librarian at the almost extinct Corinth Sixth Form College.

I am the first and last Librarian to ever be there.
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Wiki Syntax Cheat Sheet revised

Wiki Syntax for available templates

Roles and Responsibilities

Role of Librarian

  1. To assist in Queries
    1. Reference queries
    2. Quick References
  2. To supervise
    • Students
    • Junior Staff

Workshops Attended

  1. Wiki Workshop with NOSTT.
  2. Supervisory.
  3. JAWS for the Visually Impaired.
  4. The reading/writing connection.

  • The Corinth Sixth Form College Library is shared with the University of Trinidad and Tobago-Corinth Campus.

My Readings