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Languages:Spanish, English.
Skype address:rico0013
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[1]Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, 1973 graduation. Degree in Architecture

Other skills

Fluency in English, computer experience in Excel, Word, Power Point, project manager, from start to finish

English Spanish English Translator

I am a freelance translator, One of my clients is Coca Cola Company 


As a Spanish teacher:

  • On paltalk : I have a room “El Castellano en Mexico”

As an Architecture History teacher:

  • On “English Horizons” a school on line. [2]

As an Architect:

  • Cost manager for several private businesses (1990-2005).

Tenders were submitted by me and won for several constructions for the Government and private companies such as: several schools for UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México; several apartment buildings in Mexico City, an administration school for UAEM (Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México in Toluca City), a Clinic for Health Secretary in Tlalpan, Mexico City. A house complex development in Ixtapaluca, Mexico.

  • [3]Supervisor in Coyoacán District in Mexico City (1984-1989).

Responsible for the supervision of the design and/or construction and completion of buildings, parks, arenas, schools and markets. For each of the above undertakings I was required to submit a bid for all work costs associated with the job and I followed the job through completion. I was responsible for managing the design of each building, obtaining estimates from contractors, liaising with the politicians or businesses and workmen involved, meeting pay schedules, keeping the work on budget, setting up schedules and managing quality control, “running “ interference with contractors , and readying the building for its owners.

  • Superintendent in the construction of a car park and street next to Metro University Mexico Distrito Federal (1982-1983)
  • [4]Supervisor.For hospitals construction with IMSS –(Social Security Institute)such as: Hospitals located in Morelia and Los Reyes in the State of Michoacán. (1974-1979)

My interests

  • I am interested in learning new techniques, tools and trends for teaching on line
  • I would like to develop a work about Art and Architecture in Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica, it is amazing how ziggurats and pyramids from those regions look alike, platforms, tiers, staircases, and temples on top to worship their Gods were some of the similarities, maybe Sunerians came to America in ancient times because they had enough knowledge to travel to distant lands, they even knew that earth had a spheric shape and that our planet was not the center of the solar system as people thought in the Middle Ages
  • OERs,
  • Networking with educators to share educational resources

Books I like

  1. The Fountainhead: Main Street.
  2. books I have read

Countries I have visited

Spain and France¨

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Spain
Museo del Prado Madrid Spain
San Sebastian Beach Spain
Room of the Mirrors Versailles Paris France
Staircase Versailles Paris France
Poitiers theatre France
Champs Elysees Cafe Paris France
Sacre Cour Paris France
Musse D'Orsay Van Gogh Paris France

My sandbox

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  • Thanks for your comment Ricardo, and I too look forward to seeing your contributions to WE.--Benjamin Stewart 21:06, 30 March 2009 (UTC)
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