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(Comment.gif: Hi Richard. Keep going, you made a good start. Keep adding content. --Patricia 18:11, 27 January 2009 (UTC))

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Today is: 1, March 2024


My name is Richard Mistretta and this is my current user page. I am interested in learning how to incorporate Wikis for the purpose of curriculum development. From my perspective, one of the great advantages of Wikis is the ability to instantaneously add or subtract content to each page. It also allows others to collaborate on the development of the page and enables the users to edit content as deemed necessary. My sandbox

Sicilian Librarian


In 1969, I graduated from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and began teaching high school math and English in Montgomery County, Maryland. At that time, Montgomery County was paying a signing bonus of $1500 for math teachers which lifted my initial salary to $6000. For 9 years I taught in various schools within Montgomery and gained invaluable experience at each location. Much of this experience came outside of the classroom where I was able to interact with students and their communities in various situation. During these nine years, I served as a class sponsor, yearbook advisor, volunteer basketball coach, career center developer, peer-to-peer leader, and a member of numerous faculty and community committees.

After the completion of my ninth year of teaching, it became necessary to return home to run our family business. Actually, home was a small coal mining town named Homer City and is located 45 miles east of Pittsburgh, Pa. My father had started a local beer distributor in Homer City and his illness required me to take over the reins of the business.



Being from the Pittsburgh area, I would be remiss if I didn't recognize and revel in the Pittsburgh Steelers' victory in the just completed Super Bowl XLIII.


Welcome to Wikieducator. You are off to a great start. Please add your username here: --Nellie Deutsch 14:58, 30 January 2009 (UTC)