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About Me

My name is Richard Ho and this is my WikiEducator user page which is for Digital Learning Technology.

I am currently studying bachelor of Computer Systems.

My hobbies are Gaming, Computing and Badminton.

I like hanging out with friends and family.

I like to travel around visiting places.

I have completed Dipict (Diploma of Information communication Technology).

What papers I am currently studying are:

  • Digital Learning Technologies
  • Advanced Hardware Infrastructure
  • Web Application and Development
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance

Other papers I have completed in the BCS:

  • Multimedia
  • Project Management
  • Database Management Systems
  • System Analyst and Design
  • User Interface
  • Advanced Internet and Web Development
  • Electronic Design
  • Network Admin and Support
  • Hardware Tech
  • Data communications and Networks 2

APA reference from wikipidia

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Pedagogical Template

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Digital Learning is a really good class to take up!

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The RSS Feed

Comments I have made to other students Blogs
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Assessed Activity 8.2 Winding up the Reflective Blog
What have I learn’t on my DLT journey I have learn’t many things on my journey in the DLT environment. Where there is requirements on what is needed to have have adobe connect running to sanctification. What it takes to get tha...
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Assessed Activity 8.1 Examples of online courses
Youtube link to making a charm bracelet Below is a comment I have made on the wikieducator page. I have found an interesting tutorial Youtube video on how to make a DIY bracelet. DIY I believe stands for Do it yourself. The video has a interesting...
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Assessed Activity 7.1 Reflection, Learning Technologies @ EIT
virtualMV (Student) Blog link where I have shared a blog to the class.
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ePortFolios Assessed Activity 6.1
I have created a Linked In account My Google Site page What is a ePortfolio? It is a online personal profile of...
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Exploring Cloud tools Assessed Activity 5.2
Cloud tool Google Docs. I have inserted in a table in the wiki educator about Twitter.
— rezelki 2015-03-25 02:10:47


I have edited this page.

A quick link to Digital Learning Technologies.

Link to Cloud computing

A link to a previous class I have done Advanced Internet and Web

Another link to a previous class on wikieducator Multimedia

Link to Michael Vaerhaart's student blogger page

Link to DLT Online Courseware Examples

My personal page links

Connect with me on Linked In on this site

My Google Site page


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