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Hi, my name’s Kieran and I’m in my second year of the BCS. I’d consider my level of proficiency with Digital learning technology to be a four out of ten. I’ve used a few different types of learning technology. I’ve made a few videos for evangelists, something I didn’t consider a part of DLT until I started this paper. I’ve never made a blog or Twitter account so it’s quite exciting, learning about different DLT. I enjoy playing, writing and recording music in my spare time. I also read and enjoy watching films.

Hello this is Kieran I am currently studying BCS and I like music

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This will be about YouTube. [1]



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Students will:

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Pedagogy

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Comments on other blogs https://cmmaurirere.wo...
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Assessed Activity 8.2 (2015)
What I learnt There is a vast wealth of learning resources utilising many different types of Digital Learning Technologies (DLT). The bulk of these are found and utilised on the internet but also DLT is present in the classroom and that presence i...
— cietai12 2015-04-26 05:30:41
Assessed Activity 8.1 (2015)
Instructional Videos on YouTube. This is an instructional video on how to tie a slip knot on a necklace I found on YouTube. The video was appropriately titled, the video and audio were both clear, the lighting was adequate and the camera angle was...
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Assessed Activity 6.1 (2015)
An Electronic Portfolio (ePortfolio) is a digital portfolio and usually accessible via the web. It is similar to a paper portfolio, only digital. Not only does an ePortfolio include learning outcomes and achievements, but it also include blog entr...
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My PLN map

My PLN Map


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