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A project, done last year (webpage in German only, sorry)
YouthMultiMedia&GPS Project

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My personal page here on Wikieducator: Reiner Schmidt
My trainers are:

Both together

And this great Chance for Collaboration.

And Pictures

Holiday in France 2009
Alter Ego

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Edu-Project: Contribute to OSM

Open Street Map (OSM) is the free (creative commons) alternative to google maps! As we WikiEducators are supposed to use and contribute to free software and free content as much as possible, please keep this in your mind and heart.
So here we go:

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Objectives: Get an idea about:
  • What is OSM - Open Street Map?;
  • How can I use it?
  • How can I contribute?

Open Street Map is a young project of a worldwide community who's efforts aim at makeing royaltyfree Geo-Data available for everyone. Therefor you can link to a map on your website, when you want to show how to visit you at home or at your business-adress.
For example Reiner in Munich at a recently built cityarea called "Ackermannbogen".
Based on that map, I produced a pdf, which I'm allowed to use and distribute.

Step 1: What is OSM?

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  • Go to Wikipedia and have a look there;
  • Then answer the following questions.

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  • Who is the initiator of OSM?
  • When (year) did OSM start?
  • What is the Webadress (url) of OSM?
  • Can you use OSM-Maps on your own flyer or website?

Step 2: How can I use OSM?

Step 3: How can I contribute to OSM?

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Tip: You don't have to use a GPS-device to contribute to OSM.

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Web Resources

Main Ressources on the Web for OSM