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  • Duration: 1/2 day to 1 day
  • Format: Face-to-Face
  • Title: An Accelerated Introduction to Wiki Skills & WikiEducator


    • bring bio, photo (have available on say, Yahoo, Gmail account)
    • observation, reflection skills
    • register an account on WikiEducator
    • advance reviewing of WikiEd website

Part I: Wiki Community Values (WikiEducator)

  • Slide: Wikis (open / closed) - Using Open Office
  • Strategy, Vision -
    • Governance
  • Free Cultural Values
    • Lesson / Activity: Distinction between traditional culture and free culture
    • Practicalities - copyright
  • Community (Wiki) Engagement (this one will be videotaped)
    • Lesson / Activity: Distinction between traditional & wiki communities

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Part II: Introductory Skills

WikiEducator Overview

(Comment.gif: Message: In advance of the wiki skills training, please create an account on WikiEducator. Go to Please choose a user name and password combination that you will remember. Please verify the email that is sent to you - this is important because the system will notify you when wiki pages you are watching... have changed. In addition, this account registration process will be used to automatically create a wiki page with your User Name, and you will be able to post your bio, interests and contact information on WikiEducator. Here are instructions: - Please familiarize yourself with the many dimensions of learning content development on WikiEducator! Check out the Projects section, and think about your collaborative interests! -

WikiEducator Overview - Functionality

    • External Tour - links, etc
    • Internal Tour, etc.
    • Home Page
    • User Page
    • Preferences (provide cheat sheet, re: desired preferences)
    • History
    • Recent Changes
    • Refreshing pages
    • Projects
    • Simple GUI
    • Summary
    • History
    • Templates (Learning Design, others)

Recap / Intro to Next Section

A Simple Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Screenshot - walk through
  • Simple, yet powerful (show templates)

Recap / Intro to Next Section

Editing Wiki Pages

  • What is Wiki Syntax - a 'language'
  • Editing 101
    • simply edit text
    • use the GUI editor
    • Summary
    • Preview
    • Save Pages

Just Do It!

  • add content to your User Page - just start typing, then press "Save"....and observe what happens!

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Part III - Active Collaboration - Experience Wiki Magic!

  • Work on your User pages
    • Dyads - person next to you - watch recent changes...
    • Be sure to check the "History" will also show you who has made what changes to the page.
  • Experience of Collaboration

Recap / Intro to Next Section

In Future

  • Course Design

Wrap -up

  • Recap / Review
  • Next Steps...
    • Practice, Tutorials, Learning4Content training (10 days) - gain certification
    • Learn new skills
  • End of Workshop Assessment


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