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622 - Performance Consulting

Performance Interventions

List of Potential Intervention Topics

Note: These are not meant to be all inclusive nor definitive. You may wish to be more specific in a given area or do something not at all on the list. Also, many topics may apply to different levels (such as goal setting).

Organizational Level

  • Employee Involvement
  • Establishing strategic goals
  • Communication processes
  • Developing a learning organization
  • Fostering interdepartmental exchange of information
  • Developing visions and missions
  • Developing values/operating principles
  • Developing core competencies
  • Reward systems
  • Organizational design
  • Developing respect for others
  • Assessing organizational effectiveness
  • Developing a customer service orientation
  • Developing a sense of empowerment
  • Cultural change
  • Assessing costs/waste

Process/Team Level

  • Task facilitation
  • Facilitation techniques
  • Situational leadership
  • Process mapping/redesign
  • Providing task identity
  • Providing skill variety
  • Mentoring/coaching others
  • Developing measures
  • TQM tools of quality (developing affinity diagrams, casual diagrams, Pareto charts, etc. )
  • Team assessments
  • Revitalizing teams
  • Developing cross training/slack resources
  • Identifying root causes of problems

Individual Level

  • Employee selection
  • Performance appraisal
  • Influencing others in a non-reporting relationship
  • Motivating individuals
  • Concept of power and its uses
  • Providing feedback
  • Training needs analysis
  • Assessment techniques (MBTI, Disc, etc.)
  • Developing organizational savvy