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Research Questions

  • which OS value will I focus on?
  • on what basis, will I choose it - where will I get it from - Cathedral and the Bazaar?
  • how does distributed leadership play into this?
  • what is the connection to management of modern organizations
  • what about meaningful metrics
  • Do clear values make a difference?
  • Catalytic forces...

Other Questions, Possibilities

  • what is the role of the terms of management, career development

Plan B

  • apply 2 research theories to focus on staff levels interacting with change in an M&A
    • front line staff, middle management, top management
  1. psychology (behavioural, resistance to change);
  2. anthropology - cultural anthropology; or cultural relativism
  3. complexity theory
  4. political science (distribution of power relations)

Plan C

  • Will lessening of cultural anxiety lead to smoother project implementation?