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L4C Workshop

Penehuro at L4C Workshop

Hello every wikiwikian! - Are you a real wikiwikian? I am a wikiwikian too so come along and join me look at all wikiwikian sites and their messages. But before we do that, I wish to introduce myself.

My name is Penehuro Hauma, currently teaching at Fetuvalu Secondary School on the island of Funafuti, the Capital of Tuvalu. Today I make up a team of about twenty people from all walks of life in the country, selected to undertake a policy-makers' workshop for two and a half days beginning this afternoon - Wednesday 27 October 2008.


My interests

  • Reading Novels and serious books
  • Cooking local dishes
  • Watching and listening to the World news and current affairs
  • Music and singing hymns
  • Watching super 14 rugby union and international rugby union matches and professional soccer matches

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