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My profile

I started my career as primary school teacher. After traveling and working overseas in the oil industry for three years, I returned to Australia and resumed my teaching work in Darwin. There I moved into English as a Second Language (ESL) Teaching with primary school children and then moved into working with adults at the migrant education center. I continued my ESL work for twelve years, working with high school students and adults in a variety of locations from Cairns to Kooralbyn. During my time in Darwin I became interested in ways in which technology could support teaching and learning and in the early 90's I moved into educational design at Central Queensland University. In 1999 I moved to the University of Queensland. I continue my work with technology and remain active in designing, developing, implementing and researching information and communications technology applications in higher education. I am currently working as a senior research fellow for DEHub.


  • DipTeach, Riverina College of Advanced Education
  • GDTESL, Darwin Institute of Technology
  • BA,Northern Territory University
  • MA(CELL), BOND University
  • EdD, UNE (currently enrolled)

My professional interests

My professional interests include:

  • investigating the student voice in relation to the use of ICTs in distance learning
  • investigating the use of rich media in higher education
  • mlearning and ubiquitous learning
  • learning spaces
  • professional development models and approaches for integrating ICTs into teaching and learning
  • curriculum development

Past and present projects

  • Investigating the student voice in relation to the use of ICTs in distance learning
  • Leading rich media implementation collaboratively: Mobilising international, national and business expertise. ALTC priority grant. Robyn Smyth, Trish Andrews, Richard Caladine.

Selected Publications

  • Smyth, R., Caldine, R. & Andrews, T. (in press). Viability, Sustainability, Scalability and Pedagogy: Investigating the spread of Real-time, Rich Media technologies in Australian Universities. In Surry, D., Stefurak, T. & Gray, R. (Eds.). Technology Integration in Higher Education: Social and Organisational Aspects, IGI Global
  • Andrews, T., Smyth, R., Tynan, B., Berriman, A., Vale, D. & Caldine, R. (in press). Mobile technologies and Rich Media - expanding tertiary education opportunities in developing countries. In Abdel Wahab, A & El Masry, A. (Eds.). Mobile Information Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries: Effects and Implications. IGI Global
  • Caladine, R., Andrews, T., Tynan, B., Smyth, R., & Vale, D. (in press). In Veletsianos, G.(Ed.). Using Emerging Technologies in Distance Education Athabasca University Press.
  • Andrews, T. (2010). Mining Education Australia: Adapting Technology to Support A Collaborative Approach to Transnational Teaching for Mining Professionals. In Mukerji, S. & Tripathi, P. (Eds). Cases on Interactive Technology Environments and Transnational Collaboration. IGI Global.
  • Leone, A., & Andrews, T. (2009). Creating a rich learning environment for remote post-graduate students. Education in Rural Australia, 19(1) 3-13.

(Comment.gif: Hi Trish, Congratulations on achieving Wiki Apprentice Level 1! I live in Perth and am also interested / involved in teaching ICT in the classroom (to pre-service teachers). I look forward to chatting with you. If you have any questions please ask. Cheers ) --jennip 13:42, 28 July 2010 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Hi Trish, Welcome to this workshop eL4C41. I am your facilitator along with Anirban, Derek & Sarita. We will help you and will watch your page develop. Enjoy this learning mode and ask for help if needed. Warm Wishes.----Dr. Gita Mathur 17:49, 22 July 2010 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Hi Trish, You are progressing fine. Keep following the daily instructions. warm wishes--Dr. Gita Mathur 18:09, 25 July 2010 (UTC))