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Contact-new.svg Shivam Singh Paliwal
Employer:Eastern Institute of Technology
Flag of India.svg India
Languages:English, Hindi
Flag of India.svg India

Hi am Shivam Singh Paliwal and am pursuing my Graduate Diploma from EIT. Through the Digital Learning Technology I could attain more technical knowledge and thus help others. ==

My Interesting Links

Activity 4.2

This Activity shows the APA Style Referencing for Podcast which is a digital learning technology and RSS feed of my blog.

APA Style Referencing

Podcast. (2016, March 3). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 02:21, March 30, 2016, from

Pedagogical Template

These are example references of pedagogical templates. 1. Jara, M., & Mohamad, F. (n.d.). Pedagogical templates for e-learning. Retrieved from

VmvIcon Activity.png

Pedagogical template

Example of pedagogical template is This shows the pedagogical template for e-learning.



LinkedIn is the world's biggest professional network with a huge number of individuals, and growing quickly. It is a networking tool which helps to discover association with job candidates, industry specialists, and business partners.

How LinkedIn Works

LinkedIn is an online social network for business experts. It's not quite the same as other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook in light of the fact that it's outlined particularly for professional networking. For example, finding a job, for business, connecting with potential business partners, rather than just making companions or sharing media like photographs. recordings and music. (Ross, n.d.) 

Uses of LinkedIn

  1. Fast simple way to approach for the skills
  2. Quick easy way to find skills related profiles
  3. Standard and familiar format
  4. Find and reconnect with accomplices and classmates and guarantee or recommend each other
  5. Get some answers concerning distinctive associations through organization pages on LinkedIn

Issues of LinkedIn

  1. Requires time and effort
  2. Hard to tailor your profile to every skills (LinkedIn, n.d.)

Syntax highlighter

The syntax highlighter function displays a section of source code:

<source lang="actionscript">
trace{"Hello World");
</ source>

rss feed

Project Proposal
Statement of Authenticity. I confirm that, This is an original assessment and is entirely my own work.  It contains no material previously published or written by another person&#8230; <span class="read-more"><a class=&quo...
— paliwal123 2016-04-14 00:04:30
Links to which I commented.
— paliwal123 2016-04-13 23:23:13
Assessed Activity 8.2
What I have learned through DLT. DLT is truly a fascinating subject as it as innovation based realizing where we utilize all the current innovation for learning&#8230; <span class="read-more"><a class="more-link" h...
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Assessed Activity 8.1
I have uploaded my project topic on online courseware 2016. These are the connection and web learning destinations for my undertaking topic.These connections are fascinating to experience&#8230; <span class="read-more"><a cl...
— paliwal123 2016-04-13 23:03:13

Activity 5.1.4

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