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Contact-new.svg Naomi Malone
Naomi Malone
Employer:Heart of Florida United Way
Occupation:Database Resource Manager
Nationality:Dual US and New Zealand citizen
Country:United States
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My Sandbox

Media Practice Page

About Me

My name is Naomi Malone and I am currently the database resource manager for a non-profit. I do a lot of websurfing and found WE on one of my marathon browsing episodes and found it fascinating. I couldn't stop reading!!

Anyway, a little about myself...I was born in Seoul, South Korea and attended an international school there. Due to my contact with multiple cultures and nationalities, I became interested in international relations. I moved to the US upon graduating HS and continued my education, with a BA in International Relations (University of Wisconsin-Milw), MA in Political Science with IR concentration, and along the way collected an MA in Library and Information Science (University of South Florida). I've mostly been on the receiving end of education so far, except for a two year stint as technology trainer for the Clearwater Public Library, so most of the information I am learning at WE is very new to me. As a person who tends toward computer geekiness, I am interested in designing online educational objects, applications or systems that can be used for self-education and am working toward a graduate certificate in instructional systems design. I believe WE will be a great learning experience and resource for me.

I look forward to connecting and collaborating with all of you!

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Web Resources

Volunteer Projects

A collaborative project with Majen Hammond on the Eye4You Alliance Island in Teen Second Life. Our goal is to bring together a group of teens who are interested in participating in discussions about global issues.

Working on a community based website and forum for disaster management volunteers in the Central Florida area.

Established a group dedicated to public libraries that are creating a presence in Second Life - besides the website, there is a space on Eduisland 4 where we hold bi-weekly meetings to explore how public libraries can offer services using virtual worlds.

Wiki for Collaboration

Created a wiki for the members of the Information and Referral Working Group of the Florida Planning and Service Areas to pool their disaster related resources. This will help our group to respond in situations where particular service areas need to close during emergency situations such as hurricanes and other areas need to cover their incoming calls.

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  • Learn a basic programming language
  • Learn to design online instructional systems

Courses I am taking to achieve my objectives