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Join the Team is the title of an online presentation that will be given on February 6, 2010 for the CO10 Live Online Conference . The purpose of this space is to develop the presentation collaboratively.

However, you may also take the initiative and create an additional collaborative presentation for the conference.

Join the Team

Add your name if you are interested in connecting online for learning and collaboration.

  1. Nellie Deutsch
  2. Alejandra Guajardo
  3. Doris Molero
  4. Hanaa Khamis
  5. Gladys Ledwith
  6. Sebastian Panakal
  7. Shijna.A.M

Brain Storming

I have been heavily involved in getting people connected and collaborating online for learning by creating groups on ning, facebook, google groups, yahoo groups, linkedit and other web 2.0 social networks. In addition, I have organized online asynchronous and synchronous workshops and created courses on two of my Moodle sites. I am currently focusing my energy on Wikieducator. I believe the wiki is an excellent environment for sustainable collaborative learning and teamwork.