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Team N- Scientific writing Author Ahmed Mourady

Areas of contribution:

editorial - searching - Technology usage in Education - Educational Systems - e-learning consultation

Areas to develop

Collaborative work - online teaching - advanced moodle usage

Learning Team goals

To produce an interesting e-course of "scientific writing". To make it to learn this subject online more efficient than offline.

Potential barriers:

1. lack of the full knowledge of the capability of moodle 2. lack of coordination and/or collaboration 3. shortage of best practice for this subject to be taught by this new method.

Ground rules:

1. synchronous meetings (at least once a week through Wiziq or Skype)
2. asynchronous discussions and sharing through forums and file sharing
3. communications through e-mails, forums (I don't know if we are allowed to use external tools like Google wave to communicate!!)

Conflict management:

Conflicts could rise from different point of views that are not totally elaborated, explained, and argued clearly. To manage conflicts, I suggest nominating one member to work as coordinator or facilitator to make sure every point is clear and agreed upon before proceeding.

Faculty feedback to student:

We should have a policy for effective feedback.


Name: Benjamin Stewart[2]

Members of team N

A list of team members can be found here[3]
Time zone UTC/GMT
+9 (1 member) Nadia El Borai,
+1 (2 members)Dominique LokotarHeiko Idensen,
+2 (3 members)Maha Tantawi Nadia WahbaAhmed Mourady,
-6 (1 member)Benjamin Steward
-8 (1 member)J. Randolph Radney

Report for Team N

Report for Team N

Another version Charter team N


Simple rules to write a scientific paper