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I must admit to finding the place to add a proposal for the workshop difficult. I hope this is correct??


Name of your institution: EIT Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Type of your institution: Public Tertiary Institution in New Zealand. Uses Moodle as its CMS and has traditional and blended delivery. ( )


As a continuation to an action research project for my PhD thesis on capturing student knowledge, a MediaWiki based teaching and learning content management system was developed. The content has been used in face-to-face classes over the past two years, and has been used to present in two National Conferences.

This has been described in two other conferences


The overall object is to provide a content delivery tool for educators, with the capability of accepting user generated content. An important part of the project is to create a sense that students are dealing with a person rather than a system so social media has been integrated.


  • Pedagogical approach

A constructivist approach

  • Activities

The cms is being used in a design research mode, etc


Assessment at present is through actual use and formal and informal feedback

User-Generated Content experience

Short description of the experience

A teaching and learning wiki was developed to present content to students in a blended learning environment ( ) . Content is presented in class directly from the wiki. Students interact with the wiki via a twitter feed. This twitter feed is used to provide discussion topics in lectures

Students are also asked to create content as part of an assessment.

Issues and challenges are described in a fuller paper Using Open Education Resources (OERs) in Blended Teaching: Is it worth it?


In Information Technology the real problem is the constantly changing content. Harnessing the students to both moderate and contribute to the content helps to keep it current and provides a level of quality control. In one instance an ex-student looks after the spam problem (which is a significant issue)


Undergraduate students have been interacting with the wiki for over 2 years.


The wiki uses Media Wiki as its base. The paper ["EXPLORING WIKI TECHNOLOGY IN TEACHING AND LEARNING" from the 2010 DEAN's Conference explains the technology in more detail.

How did you address quality-related issues?

  • Student training via small assessment items to give basic wiki skills
  • Adding spam extensions and manual monitoring to manage vandalism
  • Using an extensive referencing format (manages attribution of content)
  • Using dual monitors when editing (surprisingly this is quite important )
  • Allowing actual sites to be embedded into the content (via iFrame)
  • Giving students a personal connection to the content
  • Providing the content on a global stage encourages qualtiy of material.

Link to CONCEDE Quality Framework