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Dialogue on Quality of User-Generated Content in Education

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CONCEDE User-generated Conference 14th September 2011

Please see our CONCEDE website
and especially the page For contributors.

Open Contributions

The CONCEDE team was looking for interested educational practitioners and researchers to contribute to our conference and publish freely on our wiki. See the following 3 themes

See all contributions

Our conference programme

  • The CONCEDE Conference Programme has been planned with all speakers and contributors. Have a look at our sessions and add your thoughts live during the conference.
  • Here is listed who else will contribute to the organisation or publicity of the conference in one or another form. Let's work together to make this a successful event.
  • The final programme will also be published on our project website

Conference results

  • Results will be documented live while the conference is taking place 14th September 2011. All participants will be invited to add to the wiki.
  • We will also live feed twitter posts to the wiki.

Practical Information

  • The conference will take place at Palácio dos Marqueses de Pombal in Oeiras.
  • There is also Travel and hotel information available for the CONCEDE conference and EFQUEL Innovation Forum

Strategies towards Quality

The CONCEDE team has developped a quality modell for UGC involving all stakeholders in order to consult, validate and reflect on content and on quality levels they wish to achieve. The framework we suggest is integrating some already well introduced methodologies for evaluation, review and reflection and in addition described how the different actors can be involved into activities leading to mutual review and better quality. The result is a quality pyramid, which includes reflection, review and assessment exercises. The innovative nature of this framework can be seen in two aspects:

-It is drawing on learners feedback , reflection and review to improve quality of content

-It is proposing a pathway how UGC can become institutional relevant

In Module 1 we define the object of quality development: What is UGC? We show that the term has undergone a development through different definition cycles since its invention and will outline the meaning it will have for our specific context.

In Module 2 we are analysing the current state-of-the-art of quality methodologies and how they can be applied to UGC. We suggest a quality model for UGC which is embedding UGC activities like enriching content, updating content, and reviewing into one single quality framework.

In Module 3 we will then outline the quality pyramid and describe – on basis of a suggested scenario – concrete quality development activities. We believe that formal methodologies like peer-review have their place in higher education institutions. However, they need to be complemented by methodologies which are providing reflection and assessment by peers. We start with a scenario and outline how a UGC scenario in a university can work. We are then describing the three layers (R1, R2, D) we foresee as relevant for UGC quality and describe in detail the quality methodology which can be applied to the different levels. The first level (R1) covers review and reflection within the Learner Generated Content Process, whereas the second level (R2) comprises review and reflection through external and institutional stakeholders. The dialogue and mutual review and reflection of the differences between both quality regime is part of the third quality framework level (D).

For further information on the quality framework and to download the document, please go to: Concede Quality Framework

Another model has been developed by a QMPP project [1]. For further reading please have a look here [2].

Discuss policy recommendations

Here you will be able to find and discuss policy recommendations very soon. If you would like to share you thoughts how policy at a European, national or institutional level can foster quality and quantity of user-generated content in higher education, you are welcome to add your thoughts here.

Recommended and related readings

Feel free to add here Leadbeater, Charles.(2009). We think - Mass Innovation not Mass Production.