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Contact-new.svg Mini Krishna
Employer:EIT Taradale, Napier
Flag of India.svg India
Languages:English, Malayalam
Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand

Hi, I am Mini Krishna. I moved to New Zealand in 2014 from India for my bachelor course. I really enjoy living here. But I am always busy with my studies. By the way, I am doing my BCS degree. I am on my 2nd year 1st semester. I have done my 2nd year 2nd semester last year.

I am really looking forward to my internship and I want to get a job here in New Zealand.Then my biggest aim is to travel worldwide after earning some money. I come from Southern part of India, which looks somewhat similar to New Zealand. I haven’t had the chance to visit the places in New Zealand. But I really want to explore New Zealand, once I finish my studies.

My blog is



LinkedIn is the world's biggest professional network with a huge number of individuals, and growing quickly. It is a networking tool which helps to discover association with job candidates, industry specialists, and business partners.

How LinkedIn Works

LinkedIn is an online social network for business experts. It's not quite the same as other social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook in light of the fact that it's outlined particularly for professional networking. For example, finding a job, for business, connecting with potential business partners, rather than just making companions or sharing media like photographs. recordings and music. (Ross, n.d.) 

Here is a youtube video which describes How does LinkedIn work

Uses of LinkedIn

  1. Fast simple way to approach for the skills
  2. Quick easy way to find skills related profiles
  3. Standard and familiar format
  4. Your profile is all around situated for future trends (LinkedIn, n.d.)
  5. Showcase your abilities, learning, background including ventures you have taken or currently working on
  6. Find and reconnect with partners and schoolmates and underwrite or suggest each other
  7. Find out about different organizations through company pages on LinkedIn
  8. Find new open doors for coordinated effort, joint working, exploration, association and more (Colour My Learning, n.d.)
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: Discussion: LinkedIn

Add to the list above of the uses of LinkedIn in Education.

Issues of LinkedIn

  1. Requires time and effort
  2. Hard to tailor your profile to every skills (LinkedIn, n.d.)


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Activity 4.2

This Activity shows the APA Style Referencing for Podcast which is a digital learning technology and RSS feed of my blog.

APA Style Referencing

Podcast. (2016, March 3). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 23:34, March 16, 2016, from

Pedagogical Template

These are example references of pedagogical templates. 1. Jara, M., & Mohamad, F. (n.d.). Pedagogical templates for e-learning. Retrieved from

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Pedagogical template

Example of pedagogical template is This shows the pedagogical template for e-learning.

Syntax Highlighter

  1. def quickSort(arr):
  2.     less = []
  3.     pivotList = []
  4.     more = []
  5.     if len(arr) <= 1:
  6.         return arr
  7.     else:
  8.        pass

Reference :

Extension:SyntaxHighlight. (2016, March 15). MediaWiki, The Free Wiki Engine. Retrieved 09:44, March 20, 2016 from

RSS feed

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— mini803 2016-04-10 08:44:10
Activity 8.2
What I have learned : I learned how to use WordPress. Learned to do APA referencing (I haven&#8217;t done APA referencing before, I started doing only this year) . Then I learned about wikieducator. Learned about different learning techniques....
— mini803 2016-04-10 08:29:23
Activity 8.1
I have added the link to the Online courseware examples 2016 . This is the example link for online learning website from where I can use the resources  for my project. This website providing a lot of different c...
— mini803 2016-04-10 08:09:11
Activity 7.1
Today, we went to EIT&#8217;s log cabin up the hill. We all connected Adobe connect in our mobile devices. It was alright with the network when we were connected to EIT WiFi. I used my Samsung galaxy s4 with operating system Android. When we s...
— mini803 2016-03-24 06:47:06

MiniK's PLN

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