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This word is bold and this word is italics.

My first header

My first subheading

  1. This is my first bullet point
  2. And my second
  3. And my third.

Things I need to do today

  1. Continue exploring the OER page. Really interested in what Albany is doing.
  2. Am pretty sure I'm happy with what I've done here
  3. Finish filling out profile on main page.


Icon activity.jpg

So I'm pretty keen to see if I can try one of those flashy coloured boxes. Why?

  • because they look cool
  • I like to show off
  • I'm interested in seeing if I can do it in the can't remember what it's called, so let's just call it geek editor.

Well that was kind of cool, but I guess it wasn't really an activity. Though now at least I know how to create one! I like the way it includes the icon and everything - way to maintain consistency across the site. You guys have really thought this stuff through!

Here are some more :) - Michael (Mverhaart 11:19, 13 December 2010 (UTC))


I reckon things are much quicker in this editor. I'm guessing it's called wikitext

Trying out an infobox

Contact-new.svg Melanie Webber
Picture of Melanie.png
Employer:Western Springs College
Occupation:Media Studies Teacher
Country:New Zealand

Well that worked! Will have to go and remove question from over at the tutorial.

Actually best try it on the front page first - not sure where to pop the code.

Template:Melanie Webber Userpage Nav

Was trying something out (might have been copying your page, Patricia. I'm not giving up - just need to go to sleep!) 

Trying out links

A good search engine


Linking to my New Zealand page


Random link from Wikipedia about James Hanna.

I really like Douglas Adams