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THEKO DAVID LETSIE (Mr.), a lecturer in the School of Built Environment (SoBE.


In 2002 the Lerotholi Polytechnic (LP) was granted an autonomy status, through the Lerotholi Polytechnic Act, (1997) with the intention for LP to determine its own strategies for sustainability while ensuring that it provides quality programs that will continue to attract students and address the external market needs and demands. The challenge will be to elevate the Institution to a level comparable to others in the region.

It is worth mentioning that LP is now over hundred (100) years and was involved in the construction of the railway line between Maseru and Bloemfontein (with funds from Lesotho) together with the following National Heritage buildings in the country

  • The First Post Office Building in Lesotho, situated along Constitution Road at the traffic lights at the Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Defence Head Office
  • National Assembly
  • Lesotho High School etc are really gone.

The Institution has not contributed as much as it used to since Lesotho gained her independence, as a result, it depended entirely on the Government of Lesotho (GoL) for financing operations of the Institution while the infrastructure was mostly financed by foreign donors. Although donations were appreciated by Basotho, it created a very bad image of the school, looking at the fact that most of such buildings are unsightly and of less quality as compared to the old buildings which form part of the national heritage of the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. It is worth mentioning that the contributions of Lerotholi Industrial Construction Company were very positive to Lesotho’s GDP and Balance of Payments Surplus as the construction of the railway line between Bloemfontein and Maseru, facilitated Lesotho’s exports of grains to Kimberly during the inception stage of the Scramble of Southern Africa. However such information is history to some people while news to most! One can then conclude that the initiative was spurned by the fact that LP is currently faced with a new strategic direction which in fact is the original mission spurned by Morena Lerotholi more than a century ago.




  • Baccaulareus Technologiae in Quantity Surveying (RSA)Conferred in April 2004
  • National Diploma in Building (RSA)Conferred in April 2003
  • Diploma in Construction Studies (Les)Conferred in September 1996



At T3 Level during my study at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (the then Port Elizabeth Technikon), I attained the following awards;

  1. Merit award recipient
  2. Best student in the subject Construction Technology III
  3. Best Student in the subject Concrete and Structures III



I've been formally employed as a Building Technology Lecturer from September 2004 to present. For the past two years I was Head of Program Building Technology. below is a Summary Job Description of same;

  1. To prepare & monitor timetable to ensure balanced work-load and systematic operation of the section.
  2. To appraise staff and identify their training needs.
  3. To compiles budget estimates of the section. etc

Below is a summary of job description as a Lecturer;

  1. Lecturer
  2. Examiner
  3. Moderator
  4. Setting up and marking of tests, projects, tutorials, examinations
  5. Curriculum development
  6. Undertakes relavant research

I trusted to teach the following subject within the department;

  • Site Supervision and Management
  • Basic Computing (use of Computers)
  • Applied Building Science I
  • Applied Building Science II
  • Entrepreneurial Skills Development


I was employed as a Junior Quantity Surveyor (Student) from January 2001-January 2002. My main duties amonst other things were;

  • Preparation of interim payment recommendations(valuation certificates) for labour only sub-contractors
  • Tender estimates

I was involved in the following contracts while attached with Kingsway COnstruction PTY Ltd

  1. Central Bank of Lesotho
  • Central Bank of Lesotho Sport and Cultural Center R49 million

(Preparation of labour only sub-contractors interim payments certificates, site supervision)

  • Mabote Police Housing project R6 million

(Preparation of labour only sub-contractors interim payments certificates, site supervision)

  1. Ministry of Public Works and Transport
  • Extensions to the Main Building R24million

(Preparation of labour only sub-contractors interim payments certificates, site supervision)

  • Extensions to the Main Building of Department of Rural Roads R10 million

(Preparation of labour only sub-contractors interim payments certificates, site supervision)