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Questionnaire for 7 & 8 year olds


The Grenadian Way

  1. Developing and implementing a strategic plan for the improvement of the district based on an evaluation of the needs and priorities identified. The plan will detail specific interventions targeted at schools, school clusters, student groups, etc where there is a clear need for such as assessed by the team.
  2. Coordinating the implementation national reform programmes and plans of action at school level - which includes measures such as; subject specialization at the primary level, short term exchanges of principals in carious schools, the definition of competencies and learning outcomes for more effective reporting to parents etc.
  3. Conduct team supervision visits to schools as determined from time to time.
  4. Develop a vision for the District.
  5. Determining special projects to be undertaken in schools. Ensuring the information needs of the Ministry are addressed in terms of timeless and comprehensiveness of data and information.
  6. Supporting the development and implementation of comprehensive School Improvement Plans.
  7. Conducting periodic meetings with principals and managers of the Districts to assess progress and provide relevant feedback.
  8. Conducting school performance reviews in Districts other than their own.
  9. Coordinate and conduct various and capacity building activities as needed by schools in the Districts. These would include training for principals for proper school management in developing a shared school culture and orientation for new principals and teachers.
  10. Preparation of an annual report on the status of education in the District.
  11. Supervision in the District will be conducted mainly by the principals, supervisors, the Education Officers and the Early Childhood Officers. their work will, of course, be informed by the work of the various technical units of the Ministry of Education as well as the strategic programme adopted by the team.
  12. The members of the Supervision Teams other than the Education Officers and Early Childhood Education Officers would need to undertake their functioning within the team as a basic part of their substantive responsibility. Resources, both materials and time must be factored in the planning of the weekly and monthly work programmes of these officers.
  13. The Supervision Teams must meet monthly to ensure that there is commonality on the broad interventions undertaken and that the overall goals defined by the Ministry of Education are adequately addressed.
  14. The Supervision Team will be headed by the Education Officer assigned to it.
  15. A District Office of focal point will be established over time by retrofitting and furnishing a utilized space available in a primary school in the District.