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My Learning4Content course home page

My profile

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Professional background

My name is Lisbeth Levey. My friends call me Liz. I am a senior advisor to the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation education program, with a focus on the implementation and utilization of OER in Africa. I am also serving as a resource specialist for an innovative program for African university agriculture programs at the postgraduate level. This program is being carried out jointly by Michigan State University and OER Africa, with funding from the Gates Foundation. I am currently "semi" retired and live in Israel.

My professional background has a strong concentration on ICTs for Africa--both utilization of information and using technology to enhance the dissemination of African research information. Before moving back to Israel, I was facilitator of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa for four years in New York. I moved to NY from Nairobi, where I had been a consultant for the Ford and Rockefeller foundations. As you can see, I've moved around a lot.


I have a BA in history from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and worked toward an MA in contemporary Chinese history and economics at George Washington University in Washington, DC. My education for my work on Africa and ICT was all gained with "on the ground" experience and learning from others.

My interests


My professional interests are how to use technology appropriately to improve educational experiences. I am particularly concerned about Africa, where bandwidth is still expensive and unreliable in many countries; where institutional infrastructure (computers, backbones and LANs, and capacity) is weak; but where there is tremendous interest in moving forward. Personally, I am particularly interested in issues pertaining to better dissemination of African information, whether it is research information, materials prepared for courses, such as OERs, or information generated by NGOs. I've noted over the years how much is "out there," if you can find it. But it's not indexed or organized in such a way to make it visible to the outside searcher.


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My wiki projects

My optional community service (learning contract) project

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By signing this optional learning contract I will try to complete my training in basic wiki editing skills to achieve the status of a Wikibuddy. In return for this free training opportunity, I will give the gift of knowledge by donating or developing at least one free content resource licensed under a CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license which can be used by myself (and others) on WikiEducator.
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Feedback and notes from my WikiNeighbours

  • Hello Liz, You are very welcome to this eL4C42 Online workshop. Patricia, Nellie Deutsch and me are your facilitators and will help you in develop your page. Enjoy this workshop and donot hesitate to ask for help. You can leave a message on Patricia's page or Nellie Deutsch’s page or my page. Warm Wishes.--R C Sharma, PhD 14:40, 25 August 2010 (UTC) }}
  • Der Liz, A warm welcome again. Hope you will enjoy this course. I am not sure how much preknowledge you have of wikis, so feel free to ask any questions, you might have. We are glad to help you along. Warm wishes--Patricia Schlicht 16:31, 25 August 2010 (UTC)
  • Dear Liz, you have a very interesting background. Good to have you with us. Feel free to ask any of us any questions you might have. We are here to help in however way we can. Warm wishes--Patricia Schlicht 19:29, 30 August 2010 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: Hi Liz, would love to collaborate with you and promote WikiEducator in Israel. You are invited to add your name to the participant list. Thank you. --Dr. Nellie Deutsch 18:56, 2 September 2010 (UTC))

Facilitators - eL4C42

  • The WikiEducator "Inspiring to become an Agent of Change" Online Workshop Learning4Content wiki skills workshop - 25 August to 8 September, 2010.
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