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Country:Isle of Dogs, London

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WikiEducator Statistics Today
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List of things to do

  1. Finish tutorial
  2. Tell fiends about wikieducator
  3. Find people on wikieducator working in a similar area to me

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  • Describe how you came to find this page.

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These yet have to worked out:
  1. Identify at least three (3) things.
  2. List at least three (3) other things
  3. State two (2) elements
  4. List three (3) factors
  5. List two (2) areas
  6. In no more than two (2) sentences, write the definition of “decentralization.”
  7. In no more than five (5) sentences, write the definition of “community policing.”
  8. Name at least three (3) areas
  9. State at least two (2) advantages of
  10. List at least two (2) disadvantages of

Wikiartisan work

Tutorial 10

This will take you to the Main Page

This will take you to Janvier Nkurunziza User page


Tutorial 11