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This is my sandbox..... how would I add a sandbox normally? When there is no link to do it? Its easy to bold things and italicise them and now I should follow Wayne's instructions on how to flick between instruction page and the page that I write answers. It is strange not to have bold and italicised before you preview.

If you've enabled the Rich Editor you should see bold and italics in the preview mode. There are two ways to edit -- normal wiki text or the Rich editor. Newbies find the rich editor easier. 00:30, 24 April 2010 (UTC)~

Can you change the way stuff is presented yourself?

Yes you can :-) Wayne Mackintosh 00:30, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

I also need to bullet and number so here goes == Bullets == I cant see any bullet tabs or numbering tabs But thats alright because I now know I have to click on rich editor...... So here they are *my bullets *are showing *just by clicking on rich editor *great! #and now #numbers oh yes  #very satisfying #haha So now I am going to underline because I forgot that before, or maybe it wasnt visible And now I see I can change my own preferences, I need to read down further in the tutorial. = My first header = == And now my second == === And now my third === ==== This is fun ====

I see below that you're now getting the bullets right :-) Keep experimenting and have fun Wayne Mackintosh 00:30, 24 April 2010 (UTC)

No how come everything disappeared and turned up in this format instead - is that what happens in sandboxes?

  • I might try again
  • and again
  • and again

And now to links.

  1. and put
  2. lists within lists
  3. so that is fine
  4. its a bit different to word

So back to headings again

So will it change again?

Will it?

But will it?

Something happened last time when I previewed it.  Okay this is all good.

Last thing on the tutorial is to look at wikitext.

Oh I see but dont think I will get into that just yet.

And now to external links

I need to type the full URL of  an external link, I think I will just cut and paste, will that work?

Yes it shows up on the saved page in blue.

My link to facebook

And now I have used the link button as well by typing the words directly onto the page and then highlighting.

Internal links

Use them in the same way as external links


You can do this several ways I think





Now I have managed to put a pic on and one on my user page must have gone on last night. It seemed to show only a link before, did I press the right button or did someone else?

This is not as easy as I thought. I really need to sit down on the weekend when I have time to play and follow instructions closely.

And now a pdf file which is an old exam old exam