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Contact-new.svg Leigh Hynes
Employer:Ruapehu College
Occupation:Assistant Principal
Languages:English, plus schoolgirl French and Latin haha
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My Profile

I am assistant principal at Ruapehu College in Ohakune. I have been teaching there for 31 years and really enjoy learning about learning.

Professional background

Microbiology trained at University of Otago, dropped into teaching by accident, so glad I came..!


NPGHS, Otago Uni

My Interests


I am very interested in learning via the internet and the new paradigm that Mark Treadwell has talked about, vast increases in access to knowledge and different ways of learning


Mindless, gardening, home.

Oh yes, I Love Facebook and playing Scrabble with people all over the world.

My Sandbox

My sandbox

Demo of colours

Click on the Wikitext button in the edit view to see the syntax:

  • This is green
  • This is red


and now trying to change colour again *Hopefully this sentence will be green - why oh why is it so technically difficult to change font colour?

Well that works, can I make something blue? Will this be blue?

Dan and Me in Wisconsin

Hey I added a thumbnail!! Well done Leigh! And I changed its position too! Its getting easier.