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The purpose of Learning4Content

Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I may not remember, involve me, and I'll understand.

The Learning4Content project is inspired by this meaningful native North American proverb. We are building capacity among teachers/educators to develop free content for learning, and prioritize wiki skills training in developing countries.

The Learning4Content project is likely the world's largest attempt to develop wiki skills for education. Launched in January 2008, by 30 June 2009 WikiEducator had facilitated 86 workshops training 3,001 educators from 113 different countries.

Get involved ...

There are many ways to get involved with the Learning4Content initiative:
  • share your wiki knowledge and become a facilitator;
  • help to organise a L4C workshop for your country;
  • sign up for free training as a participant and share your knowledge by developing one lesson of free content;
  • ask your employer/institution to sponsor a L4C Workshop - by contributing access to a computer laboratory for the training
  • contribute financially so that we can organise more training workshops;
  • Donate time and run your own wiki skills workshops in your local community;
  • spread the word and tell your friends, colleagues and employers about the Learning4Content project.
  • connect to us through our WikiEducator Facebook Group page

Blog reflections posted by L4C participants

In the news

Next Learning4Content workshop

The current online training workshop EL4C55 - WikiEducator Free Learning4Content Workshop "Learning Wiki Skills" is being held from January 22 - 31, 2014.

Registrations for Current eL4C55 workshop are now closed. You are most welcome to join our future workshops!

Please keep looking at this space for more announcements.

WikiEducator publishes its report on the world's largest wiki training initiative in education: (Download 1.7 MB)
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation award the OER Foundation $200 000 for WikiEducator's Learning4Content project to continue our work in building wiki editing skills for education and to improve content interoperability between Mediawiki and Connexions

News archive

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L4C discussion feed

Reaching our targets

- Download 1.7 MB

L4C Vital Statistics- 30 June 2010
No. of online workshops 55 (as of Jan 2014)
No. of face-to-face workshops 62
Participants registered 4,253
Female 50%
Featured L4C Graduate
"The future is brighter on the WikiEducator side!"
WikiEducator is not only ground-breaking, its foresight is defining history, and must forever be developed and continued.

I am Victor Mensah, a Ghanaian working for the Commonwealth Secretariat at the Commonwealth Youth Programme Regional Centre for Africa, in Zambia.

I subscribe to several listserves and forums, but the WikiEducator forum is unique. With intellectual discussions garnished with a friendly atmosphere, you feel at home straight away. I sensed a "family connection" to WikiEducators like Leigh (New Zealand), Randy (Canada), Leo (China), and Declan (USA), just to mention a few. The first thing I did after joining this forum was to register for the first Learning4Content workshop. The facilitators have been an inspiration -- motivating and supporting me to complete my training notwithstanding my work demands and a hectic travel schedule. Read more ...


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