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Contact-new.svg Jacob P. Rakgwasi
Occupation:Systems Analyst
Nationality:Motswana Botswana
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Welcome to the Far Out Magical Psychotopia farm Place...FARM


Time Squad?

Time Squad is one of the favorite cartoon series that features a cranky robot known as Larry 3000.Time Squad cartoon series deals pretty much about history and its impacts on the future lives of human beings.If you need more information then TIME-SQUAD is the series to watch, and cartoon network[1] is the best channel to tune in to.In your spare time feel free to visit the link [2] .....and see Larry 3000 on the right!!

Other Time Squad partners:
Buck Tuddrussel
Otto Osworth

Larry 3000

is a very intelligent robot, much more intelligent than his counterpart XJ5.

He is a robot running off of a programmable chip, the Intel Motorola DEV HC11[3] whereas XJ5 operates off of a very old PIC processor[4]

For more information on different processors capable of powering robots, check out this line here:

Note: In addition to being smart. Larry 3000 is also a smartie when it comes to household chores:cleaning, cooking, especially cake baking.Larry is also a favorite fan of music, and check out some of his favorite songs below:

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Dancing.gif bethoven

                      See how busy one can be to be a TIMESQUAD'er:                     
(Busy programming a Motorola DEV68HC11 Microcontroller to interface to the GDB,keypad,EEPROM, with Real Time Interrupt(RTI) enabled...later to be implanted on Larry 3000)

Check out this site: Botswana

Many thanks to the creator of this website [5] which ran me through the tutorial of how to add colours to my Wiki Page [6]