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Lou Vai Kaele

Lau Lina



Ponifasio Eneliko

Rippa Silipa

Sui Tinai

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David Leeming Facilitator

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  1. Learners should be able to demonstrate the tying of a bowline knot.


  1. Safety at the Work place
    • Rules of the road
  2. Safety outfit
    • safety boot
    • overall
    • safety hat
  3. Rope Theory
    • Construction
    • Care and maintenance
    • Business as usual






I am Zac from the village of Solosolo, about 15 kilometers East of the main town of Apia. I was sailing for over six years under the Italian Company flag.

I visit different countries of the world with lots of experience in their life style, the poor the rich and the so call poorich.:

From all the resources that I have had, only one thing that I always fell good about, is teaching Condoms. I love it because I am confidence doing it.

Samoa Island

  1. Islands
    1. Savaii
      • Salelologa
      • Asau
    2. Upolu
      • Apia
      • Malie
      • Tufulele
    3. Manono
      • Faleu
      • Salua
      • Apai
      • Lepuiai
    4. Apolima
    5. Nuusafee

  1. Papua
  2. Solomon Island
    • Malaita
    • Isabel
  3. Vanuatu

Lets see what happens when I come back from the tea break