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(Comment.gif: Dear Luis, this is a great start. With a little bit more work, you can reach these levels: WikiMaster Warm regards --Patricia 00:33, 3 December 2008 (UTC))

Contact-new.svg Luís Filipe da Média Sitói
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Today is: 3, December 2023

Edificio das TDM; Maputo City

About me
Chamo-me Luís Filipe da Média Sitói, filho de Alberto Sitói e de Isabel Celeste, nascido em Búzi , Sofala
My Hobbys

  1. Music Moz
  2. Internet
  3. Studies
Edificio das TDM; Maputo City

My Curriculum Vitae

My Job
Ministry of Education and Cultur

  • Department - DINEG

My Adress
Rua de Nachingueia, nº 285, Polana Cimento - Maputo

Visite o meu blog
Meu job
Consultoria Rosário

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