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This will help you while learning wiki

Result Wiki text
italic ' 'italic' '
bold ' ' 'bold' ' '
bold and italic ' ' ' ' 'bold and italic' ' ' ' '
heading level1 ==heading ==
heading level2 ===heading level2===
heading level3 ====heading level2====
heading level4 =====heading level2=====
internal link to another page on the wiki [[Link to another page]]
[[Link|different title]]
Eternal link
link with description>
[ Text
Inter wiki link to french Wikipedia
(appear under "languages")
[[fr:page en francais]]
Add articla to category "example" [[Category:Example]]
horizontal line ----
bullet list * one
* two
* three
numbered list # one
# two
# three
image with alternative text
image aligned right with caption
[[image :file.jpg|text]]
Download link [[Media: File.ogg]]
Include template "Namew" [[Name]]
Signature(Link to user page) - - ~ ~
Signature with time stamp - - ~ ~ ~ ~
Redirect to another article #REDIRECT [[Other article]]


<fck:hr><fck:hr> This will help you while learning wiki

The following table gives examples of the interwiki prefixes that are available on WikiEducator:

Prefix Destination URL Usage example Inter wikilink example
commons RTENOTITLE commons:MediaWiki
mediazilla RTENOTITLE mediazilla:1209
wikibooks RTENOTITLE wikibooks:Main Page
wikimedia RTENOTITLE wikimedia:Main Page
wikinews RTENOTITLE wikinews:Main Page
wikiquote RTENOTITLE wikiquote:Main Page
wikisource RTENOTITLE wikisource:Main Page
wikispecies RTENOTITLE wikispecies:Main Page
wiktionary RTENOTITLE or RTENOTITLE wiktionary:Main Page or wikt:Main Page
wikipedia RTENOTITLE or RTENOTITLE wikipedia:Main Page or w:Main Page


Full URL of the wiki page Page name you will use for the internal link Explanation Learning4Content * Use a capital "L" and a capital "C". * Note that there are no spaces between the words. * "Learning4Content" is the text which appears after the "" portion of the full URL. Learning4Content/Registration In this example, "Registration" is a sub-page of the "Learning4Content" page so you need to include the name of the parent page (i.e. Learning4Content/Registration) in the link reference. More about subpages in the subpage tutorial. Main_Page * Main_page links to the WikiEducator home page. * Note the use of an uppercase "M" and "P", and the underscore ("_") between the words "Main" and "Page". * However, a space (" ") can be used in place of an underscore; the wiki software substitutes underscores for spaces in internal page references. User:Mackiwg This is an example of the user page for Wayne Mackintosh. There are dedicated areas in the wiki for certain categories of pages. For example, all User pages are saved in an area we call the "user namespace". This is indicated by the prefix User:followed_by_the_username.