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Return of evaluated assignments

The assignments are sent for evaluation from the study centre. The evaluated assignment will contain remarks from your evaluator. These remarks are meant to assist you in your studies. If you are proactive in getting your evaluated assignment back, you will be able to understand whatever shortcomings there may have been in your responses. In the light of these comments, you can prepare for the final term end examination. Do go through the evaluated assignments and understand what you did well and where you failed to live up to your own expectations. If you wish, you may try to seek more clarification from your academic counselor. Exchanging notes on academic matters with your peers will encourage you to study and be prepared for the final examination.

You can also check with your study centre whether they have sent the award list for incorporation on the individual grade card of the learners. Please try to verify if your awards have been correctly displayed. In case of any discrepancy, please bring it to notice immediately in order to enable rectification within reasonable duration.