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  • A friend of mine asked me to show how to Convert information entered into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to an OpenOffice database.
  • While I was helping my friend create a new database, I realised that he probably would want to Create a form, or environment in which office people could update the database information more easily than in the table.
  • I want to begin to compile some Resources on critical thinking, a course I taught for several years at university.
  • I am beginning to transfer some of my curriculum materials on writing to my wiki pages.
  1. Essay Criteria
  2. Academic Performance Criteria
  3. Paradox Learning Centre
  4. Linguistics Introduction
  • I am also learning from other WikiEducator workshops and pages.
  1. Facilitating Online

  • I would also like to be able to link an external file to an image. How can I do this? Radney2010