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Create a form: Existing information does not exist in a consistent format, and the users desire the information to be entered into an OpenOffice database.

Rationale: Many office workers find that information in their newly-created OpenOffice database needs to be updated periodically. Rather than to enter information into the database table directly, it is helpful to have a data entry form that workers can use to revise old information in the database and enter new information.

Caveats: Although this present writer is familiar with both Macintosh and Windows operating systems and software, he has not used Linux systems in this conversion, so some details may not apply to the creation of a data entry form in all circumstances.

  1. Open the desired database.
  2. Click on the 'Forms' tab (at the left of the OpenOffice Base window.
  3. Select 'Use Wizard to Create Form...'.
  4. Select fields that will need to be entered into the database. If all fields need to be entered, click the '>>' button. Click 'Next'.
  5. Click 'Next' again (do not attempt to set up subforms at this point).
  6. In the 'Arrange Controls' setup, choose the 'Columnar - Labels on Top' format (second from the left in the 'Arrangement of the main form' section). Click 'Next'.
  7. The Set data entry setup is complicated according to whether data entry involves the correction of past errors or outdated information or only the insertion of new data. Users are advised to set the data entry to 'The form is to display all data' (this should come up as the default selection, but check carefully) with no restrictions concerning data entry. Click 'Next'.
  8. Choose a colour scheme and format to taste (the form in the background changes to give users a preview of the look selected). Click 'Next'.
  9. Set the name of the form created (Data Entry is suggested, if that is the main task expected of those who will use the form).