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My contribution to Educational Resources for Teachers in PNG Schools Moral Education through Integrated Teaching in PNG Schools



About Myself

Hellow! My name is Joyce Paliwa Pogla. I am married with four lovely children, all in school.They are;

  1. Gordon Israel Pogla
  2. Charity pogla
  3. Gideon Pogla and
  4. Mc Namara Pogla

My greatest desire is to see my students pass out of school not only with good academic results but also with high moral standards.This task is very difficult with our schools here.

My Community

I am from Bauyer River, the home of the once world famous Baiyer Zoo, in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The nearest urban centre,Mt Hagen town is about 50 kilometres away.

My Work

I am a trained Secondary School Teacher, specialised in Commece and Socil Science. I have taught for 18 years in different scools in papua New Guinea. I am now working as a corriculum writer with the Commerce Department of Flexible,Open and Distance Education,(FODE). I am only four months old with this new job and very excitd with the many new things I am learning, an highlight of it is this workshop.