Moral Education through Integrated Teaching in PNG Schools

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The objectives are:

  • Assess and identify moral education practices in PNG schools
  • Identify the benefits of teaching moral education as a subject in schools
  • Suggest possible ways to teaching moral education through integrated teaching in schools



The education system of Papua new Guinea has been attacked and blamed for not meeting the needs of the people , given the rapid changes in all aspects of development. Some of the issues include high number of school leavers with little or no useful skills for survival , delinquency , drug addiction and violence, prostitution and homosexuality to name only afew. All these and others are more trhan enough evidences to indicate a total breakdown of morality in our society. This places a greater demand on the teachers in the schools today.

This paper intends to highlight the importnce of moral education, identify the existing moral education preactices in the schools and highlight the possibilities of teaching moral education through integrated teaching through existing subjects.

Importance of Moral Eduction in Schools

If we lived in a world where our actions had no consequenses there could be nothing wrong withanything we might do. However this si not the case. We are socail animals, the things we do and the thinfgns we don't, have cosequenson on our environment amnd others orround us. As a result wenee to be able to govern our behaviour in the near term so as not ot injure ourselves and those arruond us.Communities would fall apart without any adherence of rules or suppression of actions. The development of social order and and hence some form of morality

The need for Moral education is very important in schools today than it ever has been in this country. There is a nedeed to develop people of moral standing so that we improve the quality of life in the communities. This places a greater demand on not only the teachers as educators, but leaders in curriculum, such as the curriculum planners and the curriculum developers.

Definition of the Terms

  • The State of Moral Education in Schools
  • Moral Education and Intergrated Teaching