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My Sandbox

My sandbox

My wiki projects

I registered for eL4C47, a Learning4Content workshop to learn wiki skills.

My Links

1. about me

a. slightly outdated information about me
b. I wrote and read the poem for the April 2010 inauguration of Anne M. Kress, President of Monroe Community College.



2. poetry
Poetry image.jpg

a. miller's pond poetry
b. Writer's Almanac



3. teaching
a sketch of a teacher

a. Teaching Persuasion, OER from Michigan State University

b. Reading Strategies Chapter Overview Project



4. family

a. immediate
b. extended

Domestic cat.jpg

5. wikilinks

a. Learning4Content
b. Inquiry Learning
c. 7 steps to integrating goal setting for learning
d. about Wikibooks
e.participant introductions

                               6. reading

RTENOTITLE       a. My booklist